Diazo Wealth Group focuses on the community in several aspects with outreach and support. Below is a list of some of the charities we support and check back often for events on the events page.

Serving Our Kids Foundation is dedicated to feeding and serving the needs of Clark County children. The Foundation relies on community organizations and volunteers to make this possible.

Serving our Kids is a grass roots registered not for profit foundation that feeds 3500 “at risk” children in 70 Las Vegas Valley schools each weekend with food bags. The children take the bags home so we can ensure they have something to eat on the weekends.

Our goal is to continue to grow our foundation and increase our numbers as we believe there are approximately 10000 children in need of this service. We are an all volunteer organization, so all of the funds collected go to our operation and food for the children.


To inspire artists, audiences, and our diverse community through great performances, enriching experiences, and engaging educational programming.


From the very beginning, The Smith Center was envisioned as a world-class performing arts center that would develop and present the best and brightest in a broad range of first-rate programming and unite the residents of our community. A collection of venues that could both host the world’s finest performances from Broadway shows to world-class concerts, and support and encourage local artists. We wanted to bring the fine art of the world to Downtown Las Vegas, and bring the art of Downtown to the world.
Before ground had even been broken in Symphony Park, The Smith Center was projected to make history with this new cultural complex in Southern Nevada; it would enable Southern Nevada to take its place on an international stage, celebrating artistic excellence, education and culture from around the world.