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A plan tailored to her new
found position. To understand
her financial life and be
involved in the decision making


Carol has recently found herself in charge of her financial future for the first time in her life, after recently divorcing her husband of 24 years. Carol had always taken the approach of her husband handled the money and she handled the home. With this new found responsibility, she had found herself in a space she was one, uncomfortable with, and two, lacked knowledge and education when it came to how her finances were lined up. Carol’s main goal for our meeting was to identify her assets and ensure that her lifestyle could maintain itself.


Carol needed a partner to:

  • Take the time and get her up to speed about her plan and how she was going to live going forward

  • Educate her to the assets she has and the different ways she could leverage them

  • Building a “retire smart” plan for her future

  • Make sure she was going to be OKAY and keep her in the loop on all things in her financial life

Carol had interviewed with a few financial services companies but we were the first fiduciary she had sat with. She needed someone on her side, as she felt raw and exposed with the recent knowledge that she, for the first time in a long time was questioning her financial future. More importantly, she needed a partner she could trust 100% with her money and her plan.



In our first meeting with Carol we spent 2.5 hours listening to her concerns. She spent a lot of her time apologizing and explaining she should know better and know more about “this stuff”. We took the time to reassure he she is not in this alone and that many people, especially women, find themselves in this position and we were here to help.

We listened to her goals, pain points, frustrations, and most importantly, her feelings about everything from how the divorce would affect the kids, to the grand kids and ultimately how it was affecting her. She needed a plan, but a plan built for her and her situation.



1. First and foremost we started by educating Carol to what she had and how those different type of assets worked, and how the could be best utilized to ensure that her lifestyle was going to be able to continue, and her dreams did not need to be be tossed aside.

2. Next we began by getting her organized, setting up a secure online client access to all of her accounts and her living-breathing plan. This created a sense of organization and calm that allowed her to, at a glance, look at her entire financial world and understand how things were working together to create clarity and understanding.

3. We then began to delve in to her personalized risk profile by using industry leading software that aligns risk with the individual and gets to the root of how someone really feels about risk and their investments.

4. We began building her plan out and taking it nice and slow, checking in every couple of weeks to explain and educate Carol along the way.





For Carol, and all Diazo Wealth clients, we focus on optimizing their financial lives in its entirety — an advantage you can see with our firm.

  1. We got Carol where she was comfortable with where things were and where they were headed

  2. We were able to get all of Carol’s financial life in one secure place where she could see all of her assets at a glance

  3. Carol then was able to look at her plan and feel more secure and stable with her life and the financial situation she            now was in


Carol now feels like she has a organized and in-control plan. With this partnership her plan continuously evolves and grows along side her as she begins a new chapter in her life. She did not find a broker or big brokerage firm, she found an agile and involved partner to build her plan and her financial life with.


Our first step in our financial planning conversation starts with a 15 minute free phone consultation. This provides both of us the opportunity to make sure our goals align.


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